16 February 2008

Misha Gordin

7. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?
Finding my own path and following it.

8. What advice would you give to up- coming photographers looking to define their own style?
Be careful when choosing your teacher. If you have real talent you might not need one.

9. After developing a body of work that reflects your personal thoughts and feelings, what has your photography taught you about yourself?
That I am a simple man trusting his intuition.

- Misha Gordin in this interview

Truly, I don't know what I can say about Mischa Gordin other than that I am in complete and total awe of his work. Both technically and conceptually it is some of the most brilliant photography I have ever encountered in my life. The worlds he creates with photography are breathtaking in their strangeness and beauty and for me they bear much resemblance to the images of the Tarot and alchemical illustrations. This is a man who truly understands symbolism and employs it in a very direct sense - it's not just an intellectual form of symbolism in which each symbol equates a certain verbal meaning. Rather, his images transcend all words and theory and encountering them is really an experience and not just an exercise in modern art criticism. Prophecy Renunciation
"The real power of photography emerges when altered reality is presented as existent and is expected to be perceived as such. An obviously manipulated image is a trick that shows a lack of understanding of the unique power of photography - the belief engraved in our subconscious that what was captured by the camera has to exist. In the best examples of successfully manipulated images the question "Is it real?" does not arise."

- Misha Gordin in his statement
Saturation New Crowd I think he has some really fresh, practical and nonconformist ideas on art and photography. Apart from that I like the fact that he seems like a pretty modest guy who, unlike most contemporary photographers, doesn't over-rely on theory. In fact for images so dense, rich and alive, I would say he's really light on theory. And of course, the most amazing thing about his photos - they are all assembled and printed manually in a traditional darkroom! Crowd Doubt Fallen
"The power of a good image comes from its soul no matter if this soul is analog or digital."

- Misha Gordin in his statement

Also, his commercial work is fantastic and really blurs the line between commercial and fine art. Check out his website at bsimple.com. Also be sure to check out his Shadows of the Dream series, which is where the first 4 images in this entry are from.


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