21 June 2008

Ghosts I-IV

23 Ghosts III

I intended to write something about Ghosts I-IV back in April, shortly after it was released, however I just kind of forgot about it (even after uploading the images and everything). Of course I bought Ghosts online the very day it was released. I'd been yearning for an instrumental album from Trent Reznor since the release of Still in 2000, so the idea of an instrumental 2-hour double album along those lines was ridiculously exciting.

27 Ghosts III

For me, Ghosts is without a doubt some of the most beautiful music in the entire Nine Inch Nails catalog. Though I think what made the experience of it more powerful was the photography included in the accompanying PDF - images which complemented the music so well and seemed to encapsulate the very atmosphere of the album in visual form.

29 Ghosts IV 35 Ghosts IV

I'm not sure how exactly I would feel about these images on their own, but in the context of Ghosts, I think they suit the music perfectly and find the whole package really inspiring. Photography is credited to Philip Graybill (you can find additional photos for Ghosts not included in the PDF on his site) and NIN art director Rob Sheridan.

12 Ghosts II

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