20 August 2008

Upcoming Neuromancer film


Apparently that's the poster for the upcoming film version of Gibson's Neuromancer, which I got from Quiet Earth (via Cyberpunk Review). I think it looks cool and I'm pretty excited that there's finally a film adaptation of it coming out. However, it's being directed by a music video director (who's also the director of Torque) - Joseph Kahn - and is supposed to star Hayden Christensen as Case.

I'd never heard of Kahn prior to this, but he's directed a ton of music videos - check out his full videography here. I don't really know what to make of this because on one hand he's done videos for the Backstreet Boys, Chrstina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson and 50 Cent. But then he's also made videos for Die Krupps, the Chemical Brothers, Moby, Rob Zombie and Hole.

Aside from having fingers crossed and hoping it won't suck, I'm really excited that a film version is finally coming out despite the fact that my initial reaction was the same as everyone else who seems to be simultaneously weirded out by the choice of Kahn as director and disappointed that Chris Cunningham isn't taking this on as was originally planned almost a decade ago. Kahn writes a good post in defence of himself and his first (and only) film Torque, which can be found it it's entirety in this post by BlueSunCorp. I actually feel a wee bit of sympathy for him reading that being able to imagine just how incredibly shitty the Hollywood system might be solely from my brief stint in film school.

Still, I can't help but watch clips of Flex, Second Bad Vilbel and Come To Daddy and try to imagine what could have been.


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